We seek to help your practice unfold in the most uplifting and empowering way. Our goal is to honor and support each student, seeing the best in you and to assist you in your experience of finding the highest within yourself.

Our classes will teach you the basic principles of yoga and move you to a deeper level in your practice. We encourage each student to work at his or her own level, finding a comfortable starting point and moving forward from there.

Marsha Nieland

Favorite quote:
“In a world where you can be anything, be kind.”

“Call me Humpty Dumpty! Yoga helped put me back together again.”

Marsha was damaged goods when she first landed on the yoga mat. Years of fitness classes, running, dance etc. had taken a toll on her body. She realized she needed to make some changes and so she gave yoga a try. At first, she was drawn to yoga for a new way to “workout” and she tolerated the relaxation and meditation portions. As the years passed she learned to value the “work in” component of the practice and soon found a deep sense of wellbeing and healing on many levels.

Her mission is simple, to help others feel better about themselves and in doing so uplift the world one heart at a time. To be greeted by her warm smile, soothing voice and uplifting presence is a gift she extends to all. She blends asanas with themes that are applicable to daily life and leaves you feeling empowered, encouraged and inspired. She has the ability to connect with people and create a non-intimidating environment. Her light-hearted style of teaching is fun, refreshing and entertaining.

Over the past 25 years, Marsha has had the great privilege of studying with many inspirational teachers. She is the owner of Fusion Studio, was certified through the Anusara School of Yoga and is an E-RYT-500 certified yoga teacher. She is certified to teach meditation through the McLean Meditation Acadamy and Chopra Center Certified in Primordial Sound Meditation. Marsha was recently named one of the 10 Women of Influence for 2017 in the Corridor by the Corridor Business Journal. She offers destination yoga retreats, teacher trainings and workshops on a national and international level.

Lisa Hanigan

Favorite quote:
“Life is a journey, enjoy the ride!”

Yoga teacher, mother of four, engineer, wife, Lisa lends a strong background to assist you on your yoga journey.You should have no qualms attending a session with her, whether a seasoned veteran or beginning student, she will make you feel welcome.

“Yoga was introduced to me at a very challenging time in my life. I literally feel as though it saved my life by helping me realize that I was still ok and worthwhile. You can find joy within you whenever you want.”

Because of yoga, Lisa feels stronger physically, mentally, and spiritually. She says, “You start because of the physical aspects of yoga, but then you realize that it can strengthen and soften you in many complex ways”.

Lisa has is a graduate of the Fusion Teacher Training program and the McLean Meditation Academy.

Carmen Kelley

Favorite quote:
“Fall in love with taking care of yourself mind-body-spirit.”

Carmen is such a kind, gentle soul who goes above and beyond for her students. She is an early riser and loves to ride her bike to work. She is also an avid runner and finds yoga to be a great complement to her marathon running passion.

Carmen has been teaching yoga in the Cedar Rapids area for 17 years. She was introduced to Marsha after having a pacemaker and defibrillator put in 2000 and has been a student of hers ever since. She fell in love with the breathwork and playfulness of yoga.

She completed the Fusion Teacher Training and continues to grow and learn through her yoga practice and attending yoga conferences. Yoga is the therapy that grounds her and encourages her to be her best self. The advice she would give to someone new to yoga would be to love yourself enough to show up and the rest will happen.

Kelly Sweet

Favorite quote:
“Be a seeker of everyday magic”

To Kelly, yoga means connection, with mind, body, and breath. It gives her permission to slow down and give herself the gift of time. It allows her to disconnect so she can reconnect. Most important, Yoga helps her bend so she doesn’t break…in more ways than one.

To someone considering trying yoga, she would say to take your time and find a place you feel a connection with. Once you start to be kind to yourself and listen to your body, they are our greatest teachers. Most of all, Yoga is a practice, not a perfect, perfect people are not allowed in Yoga:)

Kelly completed her 200-hour teacher training at Fusion Studio. She attended workshops from Ross Rayburn and recently completed the Art of Rest and Restorative training with Chanti Tacorante-Perez. Kelly has a zest for exploring the body both physically and holistically. Her journey has provided her certifications in Mat Pilates 1&2, Barre, Reiki, spiritual healing and as a holistic health coach.

Deana Berg

Favorite quote:
“If you think you can or think you can’t, you are right either way!

Deana has an adventurous soul and a bucket list desire to travel to all 50 states. (She has been to 38 so far)

When she started yoga it was 100% a physical practice introduced to her by a group fitness instructor who sold her on the physical benefits but then helped her to discover the mental and emotional benefits.

After the birth of her third child,7 years ago, she realized she needed Yoga and she began to make the time to study more.

“Yoga for me has turned into a holistic practice that I look forward to it every day! It has taught me the importance of not just being physically flexible but also emotionally and mentally flexible. My favorite thing about yoga is just when I think I know it all I learn something new, it’s amazing and I LOVE it!! ”

Deana completed the Fusion Teacher Training program and continues to learn and absorb the teachings of yoga. She recently completed the Art of Rest and Restorative training with Chanti Tacorante-Perez.

Deana believes that yoga is something everyone can ( & should) do; you don’t have to be a certain age, shape or size you just need to come with an open mind and a willingness to try something new. It may be uncomfortable physically or even emotionally but there is a type of yoga for everyone, just try it!

Tracy McPartland

Favorite quote:
You can always do something to make any situation better.

You will enjoy Tracy’s soulful teaching style. She is a lover of life and especially music. Next up on her bucket list is learning to play the Ukulele.

Tracy says, “Yoga connects me to a beautiful community of people and has taught me how to connect to my inner strength and calm through the practice of asana, breath work and meditation.”
Her words of wisdom to those considering a yoga class: “You can do it! Just start where you are and progress in a way that fits for you. What are you waiting for?? ”

She graduated in 2013 from the Fusion Teacher Training program. She is also a Certified Instructor for Soul Restoration, a curriculum developed by Melody Ross of Brave Living, which meshes beautifully with yoga philosophy. Together with Marsha Nieland they have offered a combination of Soul Restoration, Yoga and Meditation through the Flight School course.

Bobbi Allen

Favorite quote:
“Look within and you will find yourself”

For Bobbi, yoga has become a way of life by practicing the yoga sutras every day in addition to the physical practice. This practice has brought her to a place of self-awareness like she has never before experienced. Yoga is an experience that will take you out of your daily worries and it will feel like a mini-vacation. Your best days will be the days that you practice yoga.

Bobbi loves tree pose. She believes that until you are rooted, you risk toppling over in the storms of life. She is a lover of nature and desires to learn more about energy medicine.

One of Bobbi’s favorite classes to teach is weaving chakra energy and essential oils into a yoga practice. This wonderful combination will cleanse, balance and open the energy centers of the body so you can benefit from the full body-integration of yoga, clear and realign your major chakra centers while also bringing awareness and clarity to your mind and spirit.

Bobbi also really enjoys teaching yoga to new students. Helping them feel in control of their body and breath. She finds it exhilarating to see their eyes light up and their smiles when they realize that they just spent an hour or more in self-love.

She has been practicing Yoga since 2011; and completed the Fusion Teacher Training program in 2017.

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