I’ve been a  a yoga student for almost a decade.  I have 3 boys and a husband who are very into sports and I didn’t grow up that way, playing or competing in everything.  Marsha and Anusara yoga have taught me life rules to deal with all of that..hug to the midline..or get balance in your life..if you fall one way or the other, it’s not the end of the world, keep hugging and and you’ll be fine.  Yoga keeps me balanced, toned and the more I do, the healthier I eat and feel.  Contrary to what people may think, Anusara yoga is for everyone..runners, inactive people, outgoing and shy people…anyone who wants to have fun and feel better and get fit at the same time.

Julie F

My yoga experience at Fusion Studios has been nothing short of amazing.  I’ve had the chance to participate in the Level 1-2 class
for over a year, attended the 2008 Haramara Retreat in Sayulita, Mexico (with my husband) and just recently moved to a Level 2 class!I love the varying themes of each 8 week session, as well as thepartner assistance with extra encouragement and I know that while my
body has become stronger and more toned, my mind and soul have expanded.  Marsha is able to effortlessly guide us fluidly from one
pose into another and have my body doing things I couldn’t even imagine, with a smile and often laughter, making yoga fun. Personally, her enthusiasm and energy is my no fail SUNSHINE once a week, the yoga is just a bonus!

Julie B

I have been practicing yoga at Fusion Studio for ten years and during that time, there have never been two yoga classes exactly alike.  Certain elements remain consistent, but Marsha keeps the classes fresh and she always seems to work the areas of my body that need it most that day.  Yoga class is one thing that I have kept consistent in my healthy activities and not much comes between me and my once-a-week yoga class.  I always know that I am going to feel better – physically and mentally – after the one hour class.  And my family likes how relaxed I am when I come home from yoga.  I also like having a storehouse of yoga moves that I can use on my own when my shoulders are tight or my lower back hurts.  Marsha teaches us what we need to know to better take care of ourselves and to be more patient with ourselves and the world.  Yoga has had a positive influence in my life and Fusion Studio is a wonderful environment to practice yoga in each week.


I started at Fusion last fall and love it.  I have a pinched nerve in my back which requires some medical attention on a regular basis – and my hopes are that the stretching and strengthening will in time alleviate the problem.  Even if it does not, I feel that the benefits derived from my sessions are still worthwhile.  Some days I come into my class thinking I don’t know how I am going to make it through – I’m tired – I’m stiff – and I would rather just go home.  I leave with increased energy and a relaxed mental state.  Thanks to Bev (and Brenda), I can move into positions and stretch further than I ever thought possible.  Thank you all for all you do.

Julie F

Who knew that an injury could turn into such a blessing?  When I came to Fusion over a year and a half ago with pain no other practitioner could understand, Marsha empowered me, through the Anusara principles of proper body alignment, to become pain-free.  Now, as I continue to put into practice what I have learned, when I am in pain, I recognize the signal and can calmly work towards healing.  From the very beginning I have felt welcomed and inspired  in ways I could never have imagined. Thank you for sharing your gifts with your community; we are all richer for it.


I was diagnosed with MS about 3 years ago. Shortly after my diagnosis, two different friends suggested yoga might help me with muscle tightness, spasticity and balance issues that I was experiencing. Both friends suggested Fusion Studio. I have been attending yoga classes there for about two and a half years and don’t want to think of what shape I’d be in without it. Marsha is very willing to help me adapt poses that I can’t quite do because of MS limitations. She does so with grace and kindness which is much appreciated. Yoga not only helps me with physical stretching and flexibility it clears my mind and keeps me positive and mentally healthy.


A friend suggested I join her for yoga class as a means to get together once a week.  Little did I know how life-changing it would be.  In addition to “opening up & awakening” the body it does the same for the mind.  Marsha, Bev & Rachel all have their unique styles but I love the individual perspective each brings to my practice.  I try to take that perspective & apply it in my life.

Julie T

Yoga allows me to become centered and balanced within myself; it is a time for me to practice bringing my whole self to the moment. Practicing this awareness helps me in the effort to bring out the best in myself in my every day life.  I am delighted to have found Marsha as a teacher who shares such positive energy with us.  And although I do enjoy home practice, I have found being immersed in the energy of the group practice both motivates and supports my practice.  I am really inspired by seeing the progress and gifts that others have in their practice.


I have been attending yoga for four years.  I can’t begin to explain how it has changed my life.  It has given me a chance to relax and enjoy the “playfulness” of another way to exercise.  I believe that it has inspired me to take much better care of myself and my body.  I also think my posture has improved.  I’ve learned so much in such a short time. Marsha and Bev have been wonderful instructors.  Their patience, humor and messages to us at the beginning and end of each class give us many things to think about. We can apply them to our lives the moment we step off our mat (our world) and into reality.  Adding Brenda and Rachel has only made yoga even richer.  They are a perfect fit.  The love and joy of learning Anusara yoga is in the air, no matter who the instructor happens to be. My friends urged me to join Fusion long before I did.  My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.  The best part of my week is going to yoga.  I
LOVE IT and can’t live without it.


Yoga has been a part of my life now for almost 10 years. I started because I felt I was loosing flexibility.
My practice has improved not only my strength and flexibility but it has given me more energy as well.
I have always said the best I feel all week is when I leave my Monday nite class. It relieves the stress of the day and invigorates me, mind and body. It gives me a renewed spirit and vitality.
I don’t know how I could ever quit at this point.


Oh, the places Yoga has taken this 67 year old body. Without Yoga, I can’t imagine how I would be able to motivate daily – both physical and mental. Yoga has kept me in tune with the earth, and flexible enough to enjoy it.


Due to some postural and shoulder issues that became limiting with the aging process  I began a Yoga search that ultimately led me to Fusion Studio, Marsha Nieland and my introduction to Anasara Yoga.  It only took one class to know that I had found what I was looking for. I love the Anasara principle of being open to Grace, and its emphasis on striving to find that inner connection with something greater than ourselves. In two years of practicing this style of yoga, with its attention on therapeutics, I have experienced marked improvement to my posture and have recovered more range of motion in my shoulders than I have experienced in many years.  The bonus is Marsha’s excellent teaching style, her passion and commitment to Anasara Yoga and her empowerment of others to teach. I know that I can go to class on any given day, with any of the teachers at  Fusion Studio and have a good experience.  I feel very grateful.


Marsha’s kindness & yoga knowledge is unsurpassed by anyone I’ve taken yoga from in the last 12 years!  Her view on life, even thru its ups and downs is always joyful and inspiring! After each class I’m renewed and ready to face the interesting aspects that life can bring.  My first retreat in Mexico with her was truly a life changing event…from the karmic surroundings to her fun-filled and life-affirming classes….it was truly a fabulous experience!


My experience at Fusion Studio has literally been life changing.  Not only have I gained relief from a nagging back injury and considerable improvement in my overall health, but I am also experiencing a greater quality of life.  The community of Fusion and Marsha’s inspirational teaching style helps cultivate the desire to seek your spiritual potential.

My life changed after my hip replacement at the age 28.  I give praises and thanks to the spirits of wellness on a daily basis.  I awake with little or no pain and I can walk without embarrassment.  Many of these changes came from yoga practice.

In my short time practicing yoga, I already brought my body to places it has never been. Yoga has breathed life into my body by giving me more flexibility and strength.  More importantly, yoga practice has breathed life into my LIFE, not to mention my spirit, by offering me the same flexibility and strength I find in my new body, and by allowing me to be a part of a loving, supportive community.  Yoga is teaching me to set free my limitations, for they truly are self-inflicted, and to strive to continue to be…a possibility seeker.


Yoga at Fusion has been great for me – mind, body, and spirit. I took my first yoga class with Bev just as I was being promoted at work, in an effort to keep my spirits up as the stress of my new position grew. The class helped me meditate on the good things in my life and abandon the burden my job was becoming (if only for an hour and 15 minutes each week). Months later, my yoga practice at Fusion took on an altogether different purpose. Now pregnant with my second child, yoga helped me recognize my strength (both inner and physical) and find beauty in my ever-changing body. It has helped me stretch, center, and was an easy way to remain focused on my physique and well-being during the pregnancy. Both Rachel and Bev provided numerous modifications to make yoga a safe and fun part of my prenatal adventure.


Marsha, Marsha, Marsha—How can I even begin to express my gratitude? I woke this morning, aware for the first time in 5 weeks that I had NO pain in my left leg or hip and my back is only mildly sore. You are a magician. I have had X-rays, an MRI, been to doctors, a noted massage therapist and an acupuncturist with no result. You made me better in 2 yoga sessions.

Cost: $24. Result: IMMEASURABLE COMPETENCE, CARE and COMPASSION. You are a light, a miracle. I am confident that I’m now on the path to wholeness again. Thank you so much!


Yoga At Fusion helped me feel STRONG again after my car accident.  After two surgeries and too many other interventions to count, most doctors said I would never get better and a pain pyschologist said my biggest problem was, “Not accepting my condition.” I’m so glad I listened to that little inner voice that said, “I CAN get better!” Marsha and Anusara yoga have been primary sources of my recovery. THEN:  August 9, 2008 happened….the biggest EMOTIONAL challenge of my life.  My dearest friend Jane died of breast cancer.  We had been best friends since we were 11 years old.  I loved Jane and was honored to care for her during her final weeks.  The hole that was left felt unfillable.   But yoga has kept me going. That’s when I added an extra class and I found such physical and emotional support.  I will never be able to say enough “thank yous,” but I will keep working hard to be the best student I can be, giving my best effort in every class and always receiving far more.