Access Your Inner Power and Peace

Gain a calm mind, relaxed body and refreshed spirit through daily meditation practice

Do these sound familiar?

  • You often feel stressed and worried
  • You don’t sleep well
  • Life sometimes feels out of your control
  • You have difficulty staying focused and being productive
  • You feel isolated and irritated, but don’t know why
  • You feel paralyzed by fear, doubt, and sadness

I’ve been in that same place.

Before becoming a meditation teacher I struggled for years with trying to meditate because my mind raced like the Indy 500 speedway. I was a type A+++ and sitting still made my skin crawl.

Then I found a teacher who changed my mindset and in the process changed my life. I learned that all the really important things in life are an inside job. Like peace, compassion, kindness, courage, love and so many more qualities. Meditation helps you cultivate these qualities in yourself and in your life. The benefits of meditation show up in your life in numerous ways.

I have always loved life… but not until I started to consistently meditate did I fall deeply in love with the full spectrum of life.

What if you could feel peace, find focus, and uncover your inner power?


The Power of the Pause

Make friends with your mind and find your calm

A Four Week Online Program

Power of the Pause is an uplifting, inspiring, and informative course that will help you make meditation part of your daily life to reduce stress, increase clarity, and promote happiness. This course is designed for real life and real people trying to juggle everyday challenges.

This course focuses on both the science and the soul of meditation.

  • Backed by modern research, you will discover how meditation works at a physiological level to change the structure of the brain
  • Taught in a fun, refreshing, interactive style, this meditation course is for regular folks in a non-intimidating environment, beginners are welcome
  • Led by an experienced certified meditation teacher who uses ancient wisdom teachings in a non-religious technique with straightforward instructions

A daily meditation practice will:

  • Introduce you to your power through the time spent in the pause and connect you to that peaceful place that resides inside
  • Reignite your passion for life as you experience greater health and wellbeing
  • Bring a presence of lightness and playfulness to your world as you release stress
  • Help you get clearer on your purpose
Power of the Pause is for beginners or anyone who wants to get back on track with meditation.

Meditation can help you find inner peace, creativity, inspiration, harmonious relationships, fulfillment, better health, more self-awareness, and so much more. The mainstay of the program is breath awareness and silent sound meditation, both of which direct your attention inward and help you to reconnect with your center point of peace.

Research shows that meditation can improve:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Chronic pain
  • Blood pressure
  • Memory
  • Focus
  • Vitality
  • Stress reduction

With benefits like that, it’s no wonder we’re seeing a huge interest in people wanting to learn to meditate.

Meditation is not just spiritual fluff or hippy dippy woo woo – it works at a physiological level to change the structure of the brain. For example, it strengthens the neural connections related to logic and rational assessment and weakens the neural connections related to fear and anger.

This results in greater self-awareness, emotional control, and puts space between our immediate judgments and responses. Thousands of clinical studies have been conducted to date that verifies meditation’s benefits.

Other amazing benefits include:

  • Improved memory and brain grey matter
  • Reduced stress, increased calm and clarity
  • Increased happiness, acceptance and joy
  • Reduced overwhelm and increased focus
  • Improved sleep, energy, and productivity
  • Enhanced immune system
  • Increased inner resilience
  • New found peace, focus and uncovered inner power

Meet Your Guide

I’m Marsha, a yoga and meditation teacher, an intuitive artist, and a seeker of optimal health and wellness. I am also a lover of dark chocolate, good music, green smoothies, and sacred play.

Whether it is through a sweaty yoga practice, a gratitude meditation, or a conversation over tea about passion for life, my mission is to lead people towards their bliss.

30 Years of Experience
Teaching yoga and meditation for 30 years, I am continually inspired by the beauty of the human spirit, the ability of the body to heal, and the innate unconditional bliss that lies in each of us. I have certifications in meditation from The McLean Meditation Academy and The Chopra Center.

I teach yoga and meditation at Fusion Studio which I opened 20 years ago and have had the pleasure of teaching over 1000 people to meditate through my studio. I am excited to now share this experience online with you.

I have always enjoyed life… but not until I started to consistently meditate did I fall deeply in love with the full spectrum of my life.

Story of the Butterfly
You may know the story of the butterfly struggling to get out of the cocoon and know that it is the struggle itself that makes it strong enough to fly. That story explains my journey with meditation.

Like the butterfly, my struggle has made me stronger and also made me an excellent meditation teacher.

Relate to Beginner
I can relate to the beginner who finds the practice of meditation challenging or intimidating and wants to give up. Because I understand what it takes to make meditating feel easy and natural, I can show you how to meditate in the most simplistic way. In my course you will find that I am patient, supportive, encouraging, and inspiring, My light-hearted teaching style is fun, refreshing, and entertaining. I am attentive and in tune with my students and have a way of making everyone feel comfortable and capable.



“Thank you Marsha for introducing me to meditation and being my teacher. I have now gone 677 days consecutive with at least 1 meditation session. Meditation gives me peace. It makes my mind more attuned to the messages from my body that might have otherwise gone unheard. Since establishing my dedicated practice, the anxiety that once ruled my life has become nonexistent. Nothing in my life has caused such a positive and profound change in all parts of my being.”



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How It Works

The Power of the Pause is a 4-week program that begins on Tuesday, January 5, 2021 at 7 pm.

Virtual Training

We meet once a week as a group by Zoom. If you are unable to make it, a recording will be available so you can watch it at your convenience.

Information Packed

During each 90 minute session, we will experience meditating together and exploring new techniques each week. Marsha will also share valuable information on meditation.


You aren’t alone on this journey. There will be time for questions and answers during the live calls as well as the opportunity to email Marsha with questions. You also have access to the private Facebook group so you can connect with others.

Why You’ll Love It

Improve your relationships

Reducing accumulated stress can help you enjoy life more and feel more content at work, at home and in all the relationships that matter to you.

Feel better overall

Lowering psychological stress
can help reduce the likelihood of many common health problems and can even help you sleep better at night.

Increase productivity & perform better

Meditation will make you more productive.
Reaching a state of inner ease can lead to greater productivity, faster response times, more accurate decisions and better results at school, work and play.

Get energized

In today's world, stressors are everywhere. Managing your mindset can help you feel more in control, optimistic and more vibrant.

Connect with your inner wisdom

When you spend more time looking inward you will naturally be guided to new levels of wisdom, power and intuition. Eckart Tole says, “If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place.

Find your inner calm

The yoga teachings talk about this inner calm that resides in all of us. Inside each pause is a refreshing dose of peace. As a result of heightened awareness you rediscover inner resources of peace, joy and well being and realize that is our natural state.


The Curriculum

Jan. 12: Hello Meditation! Who are you?

The Power of the Pause introduces you to a powerful, yet simple-to-do method you can use every day. In the class, you’ll:

  • Experience various ways to meditate
  • Discover the basics of successful meditation
  • Find out what meditation is and what it isn’t
  • Discover the many benefits of meditation
  • Explore how to access your inner power
  • Learn how to make friends with your mind

Jan. 19: Now that we have met… let’s go deeper.

After a week of practicing we will now explore:

  • The superhighway of the nervous system
  • The best tools to manage stress
  • The experiences you might have in meditation
  • How to access your inner calm
  • The companion of your breath
  • Peace pockets, priceless pauses and powerful plunges

Jan. 26: Wow…I am feeling so great. Tell me more about my superpowers.

Energy is the “Fuel of Life”. Learn to use it to:

  • Improve the quality of your sleep
  • Enhance your focus, performance and productivity
  • Reverse the effects of aging
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Access your inner pharmacy
  • Increase your resilience threshold
  • Tap into a wellspring of energy and creativity

Feb 2: Oh, I have access to my inner wisdom through stillness?

Be still and be available to:

  • Connect to intuition/inner wisdom
  • Become more calm and available for your relationships
  • Explore your deepest desires and purpose
  • Make more life-enhancing choices
  • Discover a peaceful life that is priceless
  • Enjoy your valuable currency of time and your inner investment

When you sign up for The Power of the Pause you will receive:

  • 4 Weekly live group zoom calls with Marsha
  • 4 Modules of valuable content
  • Weekly reminder emails
  • 4 meditations recorded by Marsha to practice weekly
  • Recorded sessions of the live calls
  • Email support for your questions
  • Private Facebook group for community connection

Loren L Coppock CPCU, CLU

“Meditation for me is the chance to learn to relax and do absolutely nothing for a few minutes each day. To release some of the tension and breathe. It is a life-changing experience.  It all started with a class called “The Power of Pause” with Marsha Nieland. All my life I have taken courses and gone to seminars where you are encouraged to push yourself further. How can I get more results with a few changes in my current lifestyle. Ultimately that meant adding more time and concentration to a life that was already crowded. Then add the pressure that, “others who are successful are doing it”.. why can’t you ?? The introduction of Meditation into my life is a gift I am giving to myself. Who doesn’t need or want to be more mindful… who doesn’t want a chance to be more relaxed ?I plan to make it a part of my life from here on. If you haven’t tried it should .. you will never regret it.”

Enrollment ends January 12, 2021

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1 Easy Payment

$347 Best Value!

No administration fees.
You save $20



“Power of the Pause changed my life forever. Marsha’s knowledge, teaching style, and personality made me feel comfortable right away. I feel I am now equipped with better strategies for responding (not reacting) to life events and relationships in more non-judgmental ways. I know I am a better listener, more compassionate, more empathetic, more reflective, less stressed, and a better problem solver because of meditation. I have also connected with my inner being better than I ever have, which has helped me to find peace within myself, make decisions, and set goals. The Power of the Pause course has been a gift that keeps on giving, and Marsha Nieland is a gift to our community.”

“If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place.” —Eckhart Tolle

Frequently Asked Questions

I have absolutely no meditation experience; is this course right for me?

This course is for beginners or anyone who wants to get back on track with meditation.
If you are a more seasoned meditator then you might be interested in my “Peace Out” course coming in January.

Is meditation difficult?

Meditation is as easy as breathing. The hard work is to continue doing it. It only works if you use it. Meditation is not a switch you turn on and then be done with, you must keep flipping the switch of consciousness ON and practice daily.

What do I do if I can’t stop thinking while I’m meditating?

This is really the nuts and bolts of it, isn’t it? Meditation is the practice of becoming aware of our thoughts, thought by thought. We can get lost in thought, like a kind of daydreaming, and float away. Or literally fall asleep and actually dream. But meditation is the opposite of this. It is absolute awareness: full attention, full presence to whatever is in front of us or within us, right now, just like it is. Meditation is full of exercises for practicing this. You will find that the benefits are so great that the practice is worth every minute. By awareness of the breath, concentration, focusing the mind, and other techniques, you will learn to befriend your thoughts and discover peace of mind.

Can I still meditate if I can’t sit still?

Stillness is what meditation teaches. It’s something that we have to practice. If a new meditator is having trouble sitting still there are many exercises that are designed for just this condition, like focusing on the breath, for instance. Don’t forget that almost everyone when first meditating feels that they cannot become still, or quiet the mind. This is a normal stage in developing your meditation practice.

How will meditation affect my life?

Right away, you will feel more present. This one thing changes everything. You become more conscious of how you deal internally with yourself, and your world. By meditating, everything from your work to your relationships, your business, your inner self-esteem and your sense of contribution to the world becomes richer. You can learn to be happy, fulfilled and feel whole. By being more present you become more focused and on purpose in your life. Your direction becomes clear and possible. You will find your attention to everything you do is better and less distracted and life becomes inspired!

Can I meditate in a chair or while lying down instead of sitting crossed legged.

Yes, it is most important that you are comfortable. We do prefer sitting in an upright position as opposed to laying down since that usually leads to sleep. It can be in a comfortable chair or couch, you don’t have to sit cross-legged on the floor.

Is meditation part of a religion?

No, meditation is a spiritual practice that will enrich and deepen the beliefs and understandings of followers of any religion. If you are not interested in the spiritual aspects you will still obtain great benefits, physically, mentally and emotionally.

How can I find time to meditate in my busy schedule?

Well, the good news is that it doesn’t really take all that much time. As soon as you pick up the basics by practicing for five or ten minutes each day.

How long before I feel the benefits of meditation?

Meditation benefits are almost immediate. The numerous health benefits that result from meditation are another great reason to adopt the practice. Certain benefits can start making themselves felt very quickly after people start sitting. A sense of calmness and peace of mind are common experiences, even if this feeling is fleeting and subtle.

Why is meditation becoming so popular?

From improving heart health to relieving back pain to boosting our memory, meditation offers a wide range of health benefits. Additionally, it helps us relax, decrease our stress levels, deal with anxiety, and sleep better. With this in mind, it’s not a surprise that the meditation statistics show how this ancient practice is growing in popularity both in the US and in the world.
People are becoming aware of how our stressful lifestyles negatively affect our physical and mental states, so they’ve started looking for new ways to get peace of mind. And meditation is just perfect for helping you achieve inner peace. By meditating we can find our way home again, and get back to ourselves. We can experience clarity and real peace. We are all searching for truth and meaning, and meditation will take us there – directly.

Enrollment ends January 12, 2020

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1 Easy Payment

$347 Best Value!

No administration fees.
You save $20