Level 1-2 Yoga

This is a mixed level class that welcomes the newer student and teaches the foundational poses and alignment. No prior experience is needed for this class. Enhances strength, flexibility, and balance. All students abilities are honored and modifications are given when needed.

Level 2 Yoga

Introduction to intermediate poses in this class helps to build on the strength and flexibility one cultivated in Level 1-2. At least one year prior yoga experience required.

Level 3 Yoga

Take your practice to a more advanced level by working on a wider spectrum of more challenging poses, including more advanced backbends and hip openers. The class includes breathwork and brief meditation.

Focused Flow Yoga

This yoga practice is an invigorating progressive flow class. Poses are taught progressively so you can challenge yourself without strain while building deep core strength, stability, flexibility, and balance. This practice promotes a mental focus to create success in your life on and off of the mat. Proper alignment is stressed in this Focused Flow. This flow class is designed for students with prior yoga experience with a good sense of alignment and free of major injuries.

Yoga Hour

For those needing a shorter class or a brief pick-me-up, this hour-long class accommodates all levels of experience. The instructor gears the class sequence to the participants that day and will teach modifications to either make the poses easier or more challenging as necessary. Each class ends with a well-earned relaxation period. The perfect afternoon reset for your mind and body. Drop-ins welcome.

Get Started

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